Watch “Kayaking Helford, Cornwall” on YouTube

https://youtu.be/ZnGZhC2ROk0 Haven't posted here in a while...but I'm working on it! I'll be back soon!

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The Savage Loves His Native Shore

The savage loves his native shore, though rude the soil and chill the air; Then well may Erin's sons adore, their isle that nature formed so fair. From The Irishman by James Orr, Ballycarry. I haven't mentioned it before so I thought I'd share the fact that, although I now live in Cornwall, I'm actually… Continue reading The Savage Loves His Native Shore


Co-Parenting Tip #1 – Communicate

When I think about what it takes to make Co-Parenting successful, a few things spring to mind - mutual respect; consistency; sharing responsibility; sensitivity; communication. And its the last one that has become an issue in my world over the last year. I haven't felt that I have been receiving the communication I deserve from… Continue reading Co-Parenting Tip #1 – Communicate

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Rogue Theatre – Woodland Summer Ball

During the summer we went to see a fantastic immersive theatre group called Rogue Theatre. This was our second time seeing them and it was just as good, if not better the second time. The show is set in the woods and the whole experience begins from the moment you arrive and start down the… Continue reading Rogue Theatre – Woodland Summer Ball